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I checked out Zombthology at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse Thursday night and while slasher stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, I have to say, I was really impressed by this one.

I met DC-based filmmaker Chris Kiros, of Art Held Hostage, an old VCU friend of my roomie Sammy (of Andalusians and Impossible Hair), and Chris did a nice job steering the project.

The film doesn’t waste any time getting into a delicious romp of gore, light-skin (including pseudo-lesbo makeout sessions), and guts. What I enjoyed about it all was that it had its cake and ate it too, reveling in the shameless glory the B-movie boobs’n’blood genre invites–going in whole-hog–while holding tongue firmly-in-cheek. Just when you think the filmmakers are taking themselves seriously, there’s a nice aside or light moment to let you know they’re in on the joke too.

Very good production values for an *true* indie as well, Kiros said they spent a lot of time in post and it shows, they made the most out of what they had.

Kiros and crew are on their way.

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Traditional graphic designers looking for motion graphics work

Places are always looking for good motion graphic designers. If I were you, I’d focus on that, pure editors like me (FCP, Avid, etc.) are a dime-a-dozen and while you’ll be able to land a good job if you know AE/FCP/Motion/Etc.; you’ll land a dream job (if you like design) honing AE, Maya, Cinema 4d, etc. (Ted could actually speak more to this than me.)

SO …

If you’re looking to pick up gigs you should join the listservs of Women in Film and Video (WIFV,, ITVA (, and AIGA ( I get all these and will send along appropriate listings.

When you’ve also got a good reel, lay it on Henninger (, Atlantic Video (

), and GVI (

A lot of the work goes to smaller creative boutiques, like RHED Pixel (, and those are the types of places you just get to know over time.

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