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New Final Cut Studio

Ah hell.


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Transferring larger files; work around (DVC Pro HD to h264 to DVC Pro NTSC for Broadcast Pix)

For an upcoming webcast we need to get some footage of a NEES quake simulation being conducted in Japan (14 hour time difference) and have it into the Broadcast Pix Slate G 1000 switcher within a matter of hours for the show.

Part of the mission of NSF’s Studio 8 is to try and figure out workarounds to traditional TV-satellite-based technology.

To that end, we had to figure out a way to get the 720p DVC Pro HD footage (three different camera angles) recorded in Japan into our switcher (we’re located just outside DC) in time for the webcast.

While it’s not ideal and isn’t an option for broadcast, we went with h264 compression. Using FCP, it’s a fairly simple export:

This yields a manageable file size (approx 100 mb for a three-minute clip with some dollys, tilts, and pans) that can be sent using services like (fairly fast servers, files up to 300mb) or (slower servers but can support files up to 1GB).

After we get the h264 file from Japan, we need to transcode it into a DVC Pro file format that our Broadcast Pix Slate G switcher likes:

As I mentioned, there is certainly some loss of information (evident by tearing and a slight strobing in the switcher) with all the transcoding, but for getting “good enough” footage around the globe quickly, this is a viable work flow.

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CS4 – Questions, Doubts, Impressions and Confessions of an FCP Cutter

I’ve been a dyed-in-the-wool FCP cutter for about nine years. Until yesterday, I felt like I had good reason not to seriously consider other NLE’s. Vegas? Not powerful enough. AVID? Clunky and temperamental. Premiere? Nothing but a passing fancy to a Mac user.

Then I got a load of an eye-opening demo of CS4’s Premiere by Adobe’s Dave Helmly. And you know what? I’m willing to make a pronouncement–as of today, hands down, it looks like it kicks FCP’s ass all-over the playground in terms of functionality.

I don’t want to shill for Adobe, but there’s just too many features and interoperabilities to ignore. It basically plays with everything, including native MXF, Red, and XDCam footage. Well, you can read the hype yourself, but I’ll say, I saw it all laid out on an active timeline, and even though Dave was running a screamer (16 core, 16gb RAM, some ridiculous graphics card) there was no rendering or untoward noticable lag at all.

When Dave did a transcode, he brought up Apple’s system monitor, and there were active processes taking place on all 16 nodes, FCP doesn’t take advantage of threaded processing power yet.

Of particular interest to me was the “speech transcription” feature. Dave pulled up a clip and using this function, Premiere created a searchable transcription of the clip. This is a function Avid has been touting with its latest releases, and given that a former Avid developer recently joined the Adobe team, it’s not surprising to see a similar capability in Premiere. Apparently, that dude brought his bag-of-tricks with him.

I hate to say it, but I think I’ve–finally–got another NLE to learn.

And I hope Apple gets off its ass and has a major upgrade with its next FCP release, come on y’all, you done started this wing-ding, don’t get left holding the slop bucket now that some other cooks have moved into the kitchen and are pushing out some tasty features.

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MSB Video Update

Mac Business Solutions held an industry update yesterday, featuring some pretty cool talks from (all the vendors, of course, but especially …)

BUT the thing that blew my mind is what Adobe’s Dave Helmly quickly ran through with Premiere in CS4, so much that it warrants a “real posting.”

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Shared Video Asset Storage; Facilis VS Editshare

June 9, 2009 1 comment

Here at the NSF’s OLPA, we’ve been trying to figure out the best setup at work to share assets among five FCP seats and a couple of Avids. Right now, as far as the hardware goes, it’s looking like it’s between a Facilis Terrablock or an Editshare , with us leaning towards Editshare.

Here’s a diagram of our workflow, we’re also evaulating DAMs. If anyone has experience from the field, I’m all ears.

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