No, it’s not a MacGyver parody in the vein of “MacGruber.”

I was thinking, what if a reality-TV/Film producer took things to another level; hired his actors and crew, rehearsed and had everything all set for a staging of a terrorist takeover of a theatre at one of his own premieres, told all EMS and police personnel not to respond because he’s staging it … the thing is, only about half the folks are in on the setup, the rest are “real” people who think they’re attending an opening.

And, oh, yeah, *actual* terrorists infiltrate the plot.

The opening scene of something like “The Truman Show” meets “The Bourne Identity.” Will Milan (the protagonist) is molded on Prospero and his cinema/production company is analogous to Shakespeare’s Globe.

In film, a MacGuffin is often a red-herring/throwaway plot element.

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